4 common Monsoon Skin Diseases and How to fix them

4 common Monsoon Skin Diseases and How to fix them

Everyone like the rains But beside the enchanting beauty of the season, it also increases the humidity level, which causes skin related diseases. It generate excessive oil secretion in the body and results to itching which may further facilitate hair and skin related issues including disorders as well as bacterial and fungal infections.

According to dermatologists, “Monsoon is quite favourable for any kind of fungal or bacterial infection to crop up and cause harm to our skin. We sweat and when that gets connected with the atmospheric humidity, the chances of fungal or bacterial infestation becomes quite high. Prickly heat is one of the most common skin problems during monsoon season”.

Other common problems would include irritation between armpits, thighs, intertrigo (inflammation in between two fingers), yeast infections, ringworms and so on. Some of the easy ways to remain protected this rainy season would include the following.

– Using proper sun protection, sunscreens with SPF 30 – 50.

– Stay dry and clean.

– Wearing light, loose cotton clothing.

Let us see some of the common skin diseases and ways to treat them at home:

1. Athlete’s foot: Painful fungal infection, which is caused by wet and ill-fitting shoes.


-Instead of wearing plastic, leather or canvas shoes, wear flip-flops and slippers as they let your feet breathe.

– Wear washed cotton socks and keep feet dry and clean.

2.Heat rash: It is a red pimply eruption. It is usually caused by sweating that causes the skin pores to choke.


-The prickly heat will go in few days unless the rash gets infected by scratching it.

– Wear loose linen and cotton clothing.

– Calamine lotion may help to prevent itching.

3.Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a condition in which red patches appears on the skin.


– Use a mixture of gram flour, milk and rose water.

– Aloe vera is very useful for skin problems caused by rain.

– Use anti-bacterial face wash, soaps and talcum powder.

4.Nail infection: Nails are at major risk of fungal infections during rainy season. They become brittle, dull and discoloured. Avoid keeping long nails during monsoon season because they attract dirt, thereby leading to fungal infection.


– Use anti-fungal powder or cream.

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