Tabu to play Sushma Swaraj in film about Uzma’s rescue from Pakistan?

Tabu to play Sushma Swaraj in film about Uzma’s rescue from Pakistan?

The trend of stories of real life heroes and biopics is here to stay in Bollywood. It’s getting cash registers ringing at the box office and filmmaker are getting applauded for making socially relevant cinema. According to report, filmmaker Dhiraj Kumar is now planning to film the story of Uzma Ahmed, an Indian national was forced to marry Pakistani national at gunpoint in Pakistan.And how the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj ensured to bring back ‘Hindustan Ki Beti’ after a legal battle that lasted almost a fortnight.

Uzma returned home on May 25 this year. Interestingly, the filmmaker has approached Tabu to play the role of the Sushma Swaraj in the film, while Parineeti Chopra is director’s pick for the role of Uzma. Dhiraj said, “Parineeti is definitely one of the names we are considering. You need a solid performer for the part. But it’s too early to discuss the cast.” Rumour mills are abuzz that Anil Kapoor might play Indian Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh who aided Uzma.

Dhiraj Kumar said the film is currently in scripting stage and after he met Uzma a couple of times. He said, ” Uzma’s story broke my heart. I knew I had to meet her. We’ve had several meeting since. My story will focus on her struggle to break free and the government’s role.”

The filmmaker plans to start shooting by November end this year and release the film in May 2018

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