Blue Whale game claimed its first victim in Uttar Pradesh

Blue Whale game claimed its first victim in Uttar Pradesh

On Sunday night, a 13-year-old boy became the victim of fatal Blue Whale game and committed suicide by hanging at his home. This type of incident happened in Uttar Pradesh for the first time.

According to reports, Parth Singh(13) was found hanging by a ceiling fan in his home in Maudaha in Hamirpur district.

A class 6 student, Parth had his father’s cell phone in his hand and the Blue Whale game was on. The game directs the player to commit suicide in its 50th and final challenge.

Family members said that Parth had started playing the Blue Whale game for the past few days and when the family tried to dissuade him, he began using his father’s mobile phone to play the game.

They also said that whenever the father was not around or sleeping, the boy would secretly use the mobile to play the game.

On Sunday evening, Parth was to attend his friend’s birthday party but he did not go and locked himself in his room.

After few hours when he did not respond to knocks, his father Vikram Singh broke open the door and found Parth hanging from the ceiling fan.

Maudaha circle officer Abhishek Yadav said that it was clear that the suicide had been triggered by the Blue Whale game and probes were already under way.

The police officer said that the mobile phone on which the boy was playing the game was being sent to IT experts who will scan the call records and other details.

It may be recalled that UP DGP Sulkhan Singh has already sent directives to all district police chiefs, asking them to remain vigilant and ban the playing of game by students.

He asked them to interact with school authorities and create awareness among the parents too.

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