Everything happens by God’s grace, karma: Radhe Maa on violence after Ram Rahim verdict

Everything happens by God’s grace, karma: Radhe Maa on violence after Ram Rahim verdict

TV interviewed controversial godwoman Radhe Maa at her residence in Borivali over the Ram Rahim episode. When asked about several babas getting jailed one after another, she said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a saint and his decisions are good for the country.

Actor Rishi Kapoor recently tweeted against Radhe Maa calling her and other self-styled spiritual gurus fraudsters. To this, she said Lord Shiva will take care of Kapoor. “Rishi Kapoor is a very good person. He has done no sin, and therefore, made a comment against me. Lord Shiva will give an answer to him,” she said.

On being quizzed about the violence in Haryana, Punjab and Delhi by Ram Rahim’s followers after his conviction in a rape case, and subsequent deaths due to police firing, she said everything happens by God’s grace and karma.

“I don’t think a lot. I stay with my own people. I am busy with my devotion to Lord Shiva. In fact, I don’t go out of my house very often. Whatever has happened is by the grace of God,” she said. “I don’t want to get into a controversy. I am neither a saint nor a guru, but a mother. I respect all saints and gurus.”

“Those whose houses are made of glass have been injured. I won’t say anything about them. My house is made of stones. I don’t have to say anything. I have to save my own house first,” Radhe Maa said on repeated convictions of godmen

Expressing confidence on PM Modi, she said, “I praise Modi ji. He and his government have very wise people and I respect all their decisions. Whatever decision Modi ji takes is always right.”

On being quizzed about the controversy she found herself in, Radhe Maa said, “At that time, I was in love with society. There is no one bigger than Lord Shiva. I have my children and I have to save my house. My children love me a lot. People say a lot about themselves, but I am into Lord Shiva only.”

In 2015, a woman had named Radhe Maa in a dowry harassment case. She accused the godwoman of inciting her in-laws to demand more dowry, and of forcing her to work at the ashram, where she was reportedly assaulted. Actress Dolly Bindra had also filed a criminal case of threatening and sexual harassment against her.

A few days later, videos of Radhe Maa’s devotees carrying her around during satsangs went viral. Activist lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt lodged a police complaint against her for obscenity, running a business disguised as religion, fraud and cheating.

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